Insurance CRM Software

Insurance is one of the most complex financial services products, where the strength and depth of the customer relationship determines the success or failure of sales efforts. Customers need guidance and reassurance from someone they trust. Customer relationship management (CRM) software for insurance companies is designed to automate and simplify the entire insurance workflow. Starting with lead generation and moving into application, policy rating and issuance and then reporting and referral management, an insurance CRM solution will reduce or eliminate data entry and the need to carry around physical case folders making for far more effective use of an insurance agent’s time.

Common Features of Insurance CRM Software

Insurance workflow automation: Insurance CRM software is designed to make the sale and qualification process as simple as possible. Starting with standard lead generation and sales, an online application will plug directly into a quote engine, issue a rating and then the policy itself, eliminating the need to re-enter any data.
Policy tracking: This refers to an insurance CRM’s ability to manage the policy data, including policy type, price, payment status, change in risk and life change (e.g., birth of a child) that might trigger an opportunity for upselling.
Insurance reporting engine: Since all of the information is kept in one secure database, reporting on insurance sales, company growth and policy data should be easier than ever. The system should have standard insurance reports like risk and portfolio analysis, with the ability to create custom reports as well.
Agent management & activity tracking: Manage the sales activity of individuals and groups to determine performance and establish benchmarks. Tools will include phone call tracking and integration, instant reporting, lead tracking, commission calculations and administrative capabilities.
Referral marketing: Insurance is an extremely competitive market, and most insurance companies say that referrals are their number one source of leads. A good insurance CRM program will let you do more than just send messages to your customers to remind them to send you business—they’ll also have referral tree capabilities, letting you see who your best referral partners are and letting you leverage that information appropriately.

Evaluating Insurance CRM Software

Insurance CRM software automates most of the lead generation, sales, application, reporting, policy tracking and marketing processes, eliminating heavy and expensive paper use and letting the agent focus on business growth and customer service rather than data entry and mundane details. Since there are many different facets to the insurance industry, it’s important to select the right program that suits your individual needs.

When selecting mortgage CRM software, ask the following questions:

    Does the software integrate seamlessly with accounting and other software systems already in use by your company?
    What type of insurance do you sell? Would you benefit from a system that supports upselling?
    Do you rely on paper-based applications and then re-enter the data?
    How much time and money would you save with an all digital solution?
    Do you want to be able to track your best referral partners?
    Do you have multiple agents and need to be able to track their sales information?


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