Business Issues Solved with CRM

Running a business is more challenging that ever today, particularly for mid-sized and small companies. New customer are exclusive; profits are under pressure; and your competition seems to be one step ahead of you all the time.  You need a step-up-change; and you need it yesterday...

Not Knowing Where My Business Stands

  • Too long to produce reports on key business metrics.
  • Inability to quickly visualize my business Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
  • Difficult to get a Whole view of the business from a marketing results, sales performance and service resolutions standpoint.

Lack of a centralized, customer knowledge database

  • Too much wasted time looking up information from too many databases with incomplete information.
  • Lost territory revenue from continually ramping up of new representatives.
  • Sales visits occurring without knowledge of open or closed service issues.

Lack of customer issue / resolution tracking system

  • Lost customer revenue and large costs from product returns because of sales order non-compliance issues.
  • Missed opportunity to obtain customer feedback on product and service improvements.
  • Increased repetition of common mistakes without shared knowledge.

Longer Sales Cycles

By not using a proven, structured sales process specific to the prospective business in a target market.

  • Inaccurate sales opportunity forecasts
  • Inability to identify stuck or lagging opportunities.
  • Excessive inventory from buying the wrong raw materials to match inaccurate product forecasts.

Lost Revenue Potential

From not cross selling or upselling when the opportunity arises.

  • Lack of a sales opportunity management system that provides Guided Selling options.
  • Lack of easy access to previous products and service purchased.
  • Missing information about related product requests.

Missed or Inaccurate Communications

among various departments on what the customer clearly needs and how they are being effectively served.

  • Frustrated customer service and sales staff- not looking "smart".
  • Wasted time finding past commitments with customers and prospects.
  • Lost revenue from customers hanging up and buying competitive offering.

Missed Competitive Insights

  • Lack of a system to identify insights about competitors.
  • Sales department is not sharing the known strengths and weaknesses on competitors.
  • Identify the win/lost and no decisions on opportunities.
  • Track competitor strengths, weaknesses and build a strategy that is shared with your sales team.

Duplicated and inaccurate customer profile information

  • Reduced marketing effectiveness.
  • Reduced sales effectiveness.
  • Reduced Employee Productivity
  • Confused and Frustrated


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