Business Challenges and CRM Related Benefits by Your Role and Responsibilities

Business Challenges - Sales Management

  • Too many systems to give a true picture of customer/accounts to gain a complete view of sales performance and pipeline
  • Consistently deliver an accurate pipeline and forecasting
  • Adoption in the front-office and with the mobile workforce

CRM Benefits - Sales Management

  • Make informed, profitable decisions based on accurate visibility into the sales pipeline.
  • Drive opportunities to a close by automating your proven sales processes
  • Maximize team selling effectiveness with reporting and advanced business analytic tools
  • Enable your mobile workforce with anytime, anywhere access to vital customer information on popular mobile devices or via the Web
  • Streamline Your Sales Methodology:
    • Create a common selling process
    • Capitalize on the best practices of your whole organization
    • Shorten your sales cycle
    • Reduce time spent in unproductive areas.
    • Implement day-to-day best practices for using Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Business Challenges – Marketing Management

  • Lead-to-close traceability and visibility into budget for ROI
  • Data quantity and quality with limited ability to segment data
  • No visibility into marketing success via closed loop reporting to justify marketing spend

CRM Benefits – Marketing Management

  • Automatically route hot leads so they’re worked on fast!
  • Easily manage leads from import to deduplication - increasing marketing efficiencies and ensuring data integrity.
  • Attract profitable customers and automatically nurture leads with integrated  Infor CRM (Saleslogix) E-Marketing.
  • Understand why you're winning and losing deals and make adjustments
  • Understand and analyze which campaigns have the most responses, best conversion rates
  • Maintain a central library for marketing information, manuals, pricing and sales tools.
  • Track the effectiveness of your multi-channel marketing campaigns with ROI and Budget tools.

Business Challenges - Customer Services / Support Management

  • Reducing ticket-to-resolution time and cost to meet customer expectations and service level agreements (SLA) across all touch points
  • No accurate support or visibility into operational metrics on service level performance to keep proper staffing
  • Capturing institutional knowledge and making it easily found and accessible

CRM Benefits - Customer Services / Support Management

  • Get a complete view of the customer to maximize interactions.
  • Quickly analyze ticket volume and trends to assess the customer experience and team performance.
  • Manage tickets, defects, returns, and support contracts, boosting loyalty and service levels.
  • Increase the levels of service you provide and manage your team effectively with insights into team performance.
  • Receive alerts automatically so you're always aware of issues so you can take action fast!
  • Empower your customers to get the support they need 24/7 with the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Self-Service Web Portal - increasing the customer experience and reducing service and support costs.

Business Challenges - IT Professionals

  • Integration of multple systems
  • Existing system cost is too hight (hardware, training, administration)
  • Unable to adapt and scale with the growth of the business (e.g. Mobile, BYOD, Reporting, Anaytics, etc.)

CRM Benefits - IT Professionals

  • Customize to address unique business and industry needs.
  • Automate processes across your organization leveraging the powerful Process Orchestration Engine.
  • Flexible, standards-based architecture easily integrates into your existing IT environment enabling future growth and expansion.
  • Easily configure and manage your CRM Solution using Administrator tools.
  • Ensure your vital data is secure with sophisticated security options.
  • Benefit from a complete CRM solution out-of-the-box that's easy to install - or leverage an expert network of certified business partners to design, implement and customize your CRM solution.
  • Use coded or codeless tools to develop and deploy customizations across all areas of the product.
  • Integrate with Web services for an enhanced user experience.
  • Multi-currency support

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