Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM is a full-featured CRM platform built on the Microsoft .NET framework, suited to organizations of all sizes that are looking to take their business to the next level with CRM processes, including sales force, marketing, and service automation.

Unlike most CRM solutions, Pivotal is built on a flexible platform that gives you a customized CRM experience built around your business processes – not the other way around. Pivotal CRM is supported by a full continuum of services that are affordable, easy to use, and configure to any organization in any industry. Whether you wish to handle the implementation by yourself, with a partner, or leave it to us, we can accommodate your every need. We can even take on full management and hosting of the application, if you prefer, with the option to bring the solution on-premise when you’re ready.

 Pivotal CRM provides market-leading flexibility and cutting edge functionality, including:

Sales Force Automation: Shorten your sales cycle and hit your numbers with time-saving tools and repeatable processes.

Marketing Automation: Delight your sales team with more, higher-quality leads and get there with less effort.

Service Automation: Lay the foundation for future sales by giving customers responsive, thoughtful and personalized customer service.

Partner Automation: Make your organization easier to do business with. Help your partners sell and asses their performance more easily.

Social CRM: Generate real, tangible value out of this new communication channel.

Mobile CRM: Give your most valuable sales and service employees access to customer data regardless of their location.

Pivotal CRM Platform: Find out why the world’s best CRM solution is also the most flexible.

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