What is loyalty card?

Loyalty cards through CRM system store the purchase information, scores, and the amount of customer charging.

In other words, in addition to the goods and services customers receive an additional gift that through which they can gain more benefits by remaining faithful to the organization.

With this card is created a valuable database of loyal customers that its real value will be determined at the time of crisis. The loyalty card can be also developed capillary network infrastructure sale. By concessions to customers who refer new customers In fact, capillary sales network will be developed for word of mouth advertising.

Loyalty card each time a customer goes to the our sales network by readers connected to the CRM identified and customer records will be accessible to the seller. In this situation more information such as customer psychology or customer interests can help to more and better sale.

Connect to SMS, e-mail and the other systems of communication or connect to the customer club can also bring communication with customers and regular reminders.

The use of dates such as date of birth, date of marriage, date of birth of family members will have a significant impact on the strength of the loyalty cards.

Loyalty card is given to the customer with the logo and the brand name on it.

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