Signature image recording in advance invoice and invoice

Signature image recording in advance invoice and invoice

Signing up a signature image on a pre-invoice and invoice for any expert or organization manager in the customer relationship management system and turning it on to a PDF and sending it to the customer, of course, is very simple and small, but the importance of this point for companies It's important to save money on paper in today's world.

In the absence or unavailability of this possibility in the system, companies usually print it after a pre-invoice registration, and then scan it and send it to the customer after signing the expert and then signing the finance manager and then managing director.

The image recording tools in the pre-invoice and invoices or letters issued, together with the referral structure, can be submitted to the financial manager after the expert confirmation of the signature of the expert signature under the printed format, and after confirmation by the financial manager of the image The signature of the finance manager falls under the print format and referred to the CEO, and after the approval of the CEO and the registration of the signature of the CEO's signature, a PDF file to be submitted for submission.

This process will bring speed and accuracy along with reduced printing costs.

The addition of the company header template in print can also be used for official invoices or letters.

This tool is one of the hundreds of rising TOLUE CRM software capabilities

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