VetAdvisor Selects SugarCRM To Support Military Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Life

Sugar Helps VetAdvisor Offer Gold Standard of Care for Veterans; Integrates with Innovative Technologies Including FitBit, Twilio For Supportive and Personalized Experience for Vets

SugarCRM Inc., the company that enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market, today announced that VetAdvisor, the nation’s expert in veteran-centric holistic care, has rapidly expanded its reach to military veterans through its Sugar deployment. Using SugarCRM’s advanced CRM platform, VetAdvisor has established an automated system for increasing staff effectiveness, adhering to compliance and privacy guidelines, and improving services tracking and trend spotting.

VetAdvisor provides proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all aspects of transition and career development. The company’s administrators, life coaches and IT staff guide thousands of military veterans in obtaining an education, reconnecting with spouses and children, and navigating civilian life post-service. Sugar is pivotal to this endeavor, providing the foundation on which VetAdvisor’s “Veteran Relationship Management” system is based.

“With Sugar, we are able to expand and streamline our reach with veterans and proactively address their needs since we now have the key information at our coaches’ fingertips,” said Paul Handly, VetAdvisor CTO.  “This means that we can deliver a high level of support with a personalized touch that uniquely helps each of our veterans during this transformative phase.”

VetAdvisor’s CRM deployment leverages Sugar’s robust functionality and cost-effective customizations for a wide array of processes, including marketing and case management. Sugar-integrated databases help locate and offer VetAdvisor services to veterans and their employers, while Sugar’s highly customized reports match the appropriate family, career, fitness or education resources to each veteran.

Coaches tap Sugar to address administrative tasks and extend their engagement with clients, using integrations with technologies like FitBit and Twilio to track veterans’ progress towards personalized fitness goals and provide real-time coaching via SMS messaging.  With Sugar, VetAdvisor coaches have saved 500 hours per year, allowing them to focus on providing supportive guidance to thousands of vets.

“SugarCRM is honored to work with VetAdvisor in its mission to make the transition to civilian life as seamless and comfortable as possible for our country’s veterans,” said Jennifer Stagnaro, chief marketing officer at SugarCRM.  “With Sugar, VetAdvisor’s coaches and staff can reach more military veterans across the United States and offer a highly personalized understanding and supportive experience from the very first interaction.”

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