CRM guide: How social is changing the strategy

CRM guide: How social is changing the strategy

Rapid changes in social computing, mobile and customer analytics are driving shifts in CRM strategies. In a recent survey, IT identified establishing a CRM strategy as the second greatest challenge, behind instituting organizational change.

This e-guide examines how businesses can prepare for the evolving CRM market and address changing customer experience needs. Discover the latest predictions for CRM trends according to analysts from Gartner Inc., including:

  • By 2015, 80% of businesses will suffer revenue loss by not supporting Web-based customer service on mobile devices
  • Through 2015, analytics applications will remain one of the fastest-growing categories for business apps
  • By 2015, social marketing processes will influence at least 80% of consumers' discretionary spending


Vendor: IBM
Posted: 24 Feb 2014
Published: 24 Feb 2014
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