About Us

Idea Pardaz Tolue Software Company was established in 2003 based on modern scientific methods with the motive of providing advanced information technology systems. During this period, he has designed, produced and launched several projects.

This company is a leading and leading company in the field of information technology and during the last 16 years has succeeded in designing a completely indigenous engine that has all the necessary infrastructure to design and deploy this system.

The company has a history of exporting software to the UAE, Egypt, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, and its vision is to be global. The culture of the company is honesty, customer orientation, attention to customer demands and providing appropriate solutions to advance their goals and has always tried to provide the best quality and innovation in products to gain customer satisfaction.

Idea Pardaz Tolue Software Company also has activity licenses from the Supreme Informatics Council, a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, as well as a software release certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and a CP (Content Provider) license from Telecommunications.


Organizations that have used Tolue Integrated Systems or parts of it so far include:

  -  Banks and financial institutions

  -  Trading and manufacturing companies

  -  Domestic and international transport companies

  -  Medical centers

  -  insurance industry

  -  Construction industry

  -  educational institutes

  -  Petrochemical Industries

  -  travel agencies

  -  Advertising agencies

  -  And dozens of other industrial, manufacturing and service areas.


Currently, more than hundreds of organizations and institutions with more than 5,000 users around the world are using the systems provided by this company.


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