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Complaint Management Software


Tolue Complaint Management Software at a glance


To increase customer satisfaction

To improve customer service

To identify organization's strengths and weaknesses

To create a two-way communication channel between the organization and contacts

To Maintain the contacts as important assets of organization

To integrate the information related to the customer relationships and communication channels

Take report on the performance of the organization regarding to customer responsiveness in favorite time periods



The ability to register contacts information (natural and legal persons)

The ability to register all complaints and suggestions

The ability to define tasks for next following of the complaints, suggestions and critics

The ability to define alarms for regular following of tasks

The ability to send SMS, email, fax in the form of group and individual with contact name

The ability to receive complaints, suggestions via SMS, record and reference them to the relevant user

The ability to receive complaints, suggestions via Email, record with attachments and reference to the user

The ability to receive complaints, suggestions via website and reference online to the relevant user

The ability to classify and group Complaints, Suggestions

The ability to identify caller person (Caller ID Detection)

The ability to record telephone conversations

The ability to connect to VoIP system

The ability to record the contact address and display it on Google Map

The ability to chat users with each other

The ability of localization of the software based on the needs of the organization

The ability to register the history of all actions carried out on the records


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