اشتراک گذاری:

Ability to manage all activities relevant automobile galleries

Ability to record automobile buyers information

Ability to record automobile sellers information

Ability to record automobile buyers communications

Ability to record automobile sellers communications

Ability to record middlemen and partner firms information

Ability to record middlemen communications

Ability to record automobiles information including model, color, year of production, chassis number

Ability to group automobiles

Ability to define subgroup for automobiles

Ability to define selling invoice for each buyer

Ability to record return automobiles and entering them to stock of automobiles

Ability to record the financial payment type by the customer

Ability to calculate customer account balance for each purchase

Ability to calculate customers account balance in favorite time period

Ability to define buying invoice for seller (suppliers) and record it in seller's file

Ability to record whereabouts of automobiles

Ability to record exiting the automobile from system through defining selling invoice

Ability to record the automobile entrance to the system through defining purchase invoice

Ability to report from stock of automobiles in the system

Ability to record delivery receipt of lisenced automobile documents

Ability to record delivery receipt of card index automobile documents

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