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Content Management System for Schools

Since Tolue content management system for schools was designed entirely by Iranian experts, Therefore unlike other softwares it has been translated into Persian and it isn't difficult for people. The prominent feature of this system which distinguishes it from internal and external sample is producing dynamic sites without language restrictions and without a change in it's structure.

General functions of software:

Managing the content directly and designing the website without needing the technical knowledge

Reduce the cost and time to design and update the website

Applying interactive tools on the website

Separating the website data from its template

The ability to define a block and layout it

The ability to create RSS files and show them

The ability to create favorite pages with the ability to edit text in graphics

The ability to define graphic templates for the website and change them

The posibility of multi-level management to update the website

Securing the website in the highest level


the system has different sections including:

News section

Articles section

The ability to define courses

The question bank

A page to introduce the parent-teacher interview

Academic advice section

Suggestion box of school

A page to introduce the fields of study

A page to introduce top students

A page to introduce the school and its history

Introduce the books in favorite categories

A page for the program of exams

Useful links

Introduce the department of education region

Contact us

Introduce softwares and ability to download them

The ability of membership in the site

Visit count

The system of banners

The system of the opinion poll

The system of events

Daily quote

The ability to define dynamic menus

The ability to search in the site


Please contact us for more information.

Email: info@toluesoft.com

Website: toluesoft.com

Phone: 021-77512236 , 77513268

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