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Content Management System (CMS) provides procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual steps or an automated cascade. These procedures are designed that:

many people can participate and share different data

Data access control are based on user roles

To facilitate the storage and retrieval of data

To reduce similar and duplicate entries

To improve reporting

To improve communication between users


Data in a CMS are documents, movie, picture, scientific data and so on.

Tolue Software in this regard has designed and produced Content Management System with the following features:


The page of about Tolue

The page of contact us

Viewers' statistics

The ability to create unlimited number of pages

The possibility of navigation on the site to manage the location and category of pages and modules

The possibility of dynamic management of all sectors, including the logo on the top of the site and information on the bottom of the site

The ability to insert article in grouping defined for articles in articles section

The ability to insert news in grouping defined for news in news section

The possibility of membership and defining access level for each user

The ability to insert products information in grouping defined for products along with displaying products that have most visit and products that have defined recently

The ability to insert price for products defined and activate the basket of goods to order a product in the store and send out customer bill

The ability to search and activate keywords

The ability to create customer club and activate dedicated control panel for customers on the site

The ability to insert picture of the day with comments displayed random

The ability to create a photo gallery

The ability to activate the comment by users for each entry and manage comments

Sliders that linked to desired address

Animated textual slider that linked to the other pages

The ability to insert advertising on the site and define expiration time on a certain date, update the ads ,ads payment on the site

The users can enter or edit the information.

It has been 6 months support and upgrades to new versions automatically.


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