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Customer club software

Today, the use of new tools for better management with customers is on the agenda of customer organizations.

Customer clubs are one of those tools that any organization can benefit from raising its customer satisfaction index. Each organization can benefit from the club of customers through its marketing strategy, sales and after sales service.

Customer club with a marketing approach
Customer club with sales approach
Customer clubs with after sales service approach

Advantages of the Club of Customers:

    Establishing two-way communication

    Creating closer relationships with customers

    Create more features for better organization or products

    Provide services with more speed and accuracy in less time

    Get additional information from customers and their interests

    Creating the necessary infrastructure to receive complaints, suggestions and criticisms

    Create periodic and targeted surveys from customers

    Receive feedback or feedback from customers about services or products

    Measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction

    Access to customer loyalty indicators and evaluation

    Neil is aimed at creating proactive customers and offering special services to affluent customers

This system can be applied to a variety of organizations:

    Customers Club for banks and banking institutions

    Customers Club for Food Manufacturers

    Customers Club Customers Clothing Manufacturers

    Customers Club Special chain stores

    Customers Club for Companies and Airlines

    Customers Club for Tourism and Tourism

    Club Customers Special Vehicle Companies

    Customers Club Specialist Hospitals and Hospitals

    Customers Club Special Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers

This system has the ability to connect to the CRM software (Customer Relationship Management System), and information management in an integrated platform will provide this opportunity for the organization's executives to make the best decision on communication with We reach customers. Companies that have repetitive sales of products will virtually expose themselves to subsequent purchases of customers and try to lead the customer in their next selection.

In companies that have a basket of goods, the company tries to offer customers after the purchase of one of the goods by the customer, offering other goods in the basket of goods to the customer. According to the marketing principles, resale to a customer costs 8 to 10 times less than sales to a new customer. As a result, the customer club can help reduce costs and increase the profit index by strengthening the process in the company

In the companies that provide after-sales service to customers on the order of managers, the customer club can play a tremendous role. Customer's access to quick services and receive reports on the dedicated panel will give a different sense to the customer.

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