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Accounting Software

1- Classification of accounts at different levels: group of accounts, total account, specific account, detailed account

2- No limit in defining the number of detailed account levels

3- Determine the minimum balance and balance ceiling for each account

4- Specify the characteristics of the account group, total account, specific account, detailed account based on Rial, foreign currency, credit balance

5- Determine the nature of each account based on inventory and its relationship with other accounts at different levels

6- Determining the percentage of commission and the percentage of profit for each detailed account

7- Define a detailed account of a person, company or product separately and simply

8- Define a detailed account for the product group automatically by specifying the general inventory feature for the products defined in the product group

9- Registration of accounting document information as draft, registration of temporary document, registration of permanent document

10- Document search is done by category

11- Ability to convert draft documents to temporary documents and convert temporary documents to permanent ones individually and in multiple

12- Registration of accounting document in Rials, foreign currency, credit and cumulatively

13- See the balance of the document when entering the items of the accounting document

14- Ability to save document items as drafts while documenting if the software shuts down for any reason

15- Automatic registration of accounting document for sales invoices and purchase invoices registered in the financial sector

16- Classification of documents based on the type of document such as opening documents, closing documents, ordinary documents, invoice documents, treasury documents

17- Analysis of account balances based on document items

18- Classify accounting document items separately for each accounting document

19- Systematic relationship between invoice and accounting document and treasury documents in creating and updating the document

20- Ability to control the conversion of temporary documents to permanent documents based on the document number

21- Possibility of issuing opening document, closing document by software and possibility of transferring the nature of accounts to the next year

22- Prepare financial statements from the Rial turnover of accounts and the ability to customize financial statements

23- Analysis of books at different levels of accounts in Rials

24- Profit and loss statement based on the percentages defined in the detailed accounts

25- Newspaper report, general, specific, detailed

26- Ability to determine accounts without turnover

27- Report the turnover of accounts at different levels in a simple and graphical way

28- Possibility of link to crm software


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