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Treasury Software

1- Define banks, branches and bank accounts and determine the right holders of signatures
2-     Definition of funds and appointment of cashiers for each fund and signature holders
3-     Determining features for bank accounts based on the type of detailed account, initial balance, reserved balance and current balance
4-     Bank Controversy for Bank Accounts
5-     Determining the attribute for the fund based on the type of detailed account, cash balance and check balance
6-     Ability to record various steps of check registration in the treasury and the ability to add new operations
7-     Receiving and paying cash, checks, credit documents with the fund commercially and non-commercially, in the form of credit, Rials and foreign currency
8-     Transfer of documents and funds between funds and banks by exercising control over the characteristics of each
9-    Convert guaranteed receivables and payables to normal
10-    Issuing and receiving checks, assigning and depositing checks, passing and returning checks
11-    Determine the collection agent for each item of receivables and payables
12-     Definition of checks and promissory notes based on bank and fund
13-     View the status of checks during various operations and a detailed history of operations in a categorized manner
14-     View the status of each document payable and receivable in various operations and a detailed  history of operations performed in a categorized manner
15-     Define the types of payroll and payroll based on a detailed account
16-     Determining the balance ceiling for each salaried employee and defining the initial balance based on cash and checks
17-     Ability to add different operations for salaried employees
18-     Classification of payable and receivable documents based on the status of the document such as unverified, permanent, revoked, accounted document
19-     Ability to search for payable and receivable document in different document situations
20-     Automatic registration of an accounting document by changing the status of the payable or  receivable document to an accounting document
21    Ability to save various operations in the registration of receivables and payables
22-    Issuance of a simple or aggregate receivable or payable document
23-     Possibility of link to crm software

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