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Cashier Software

1. The fund can be set up for sales invoice, purchase invoice and entering the warehouse
 2. Select the product in the box through: Barcode reader or Google product search or through groups, product subgroups
3. Ability to identify the customer through the loyalty card
4. Suspend the invoice and retrieve it via the suspension list button
5. Ability to edit after registration from the inbox
 6. Issuance of payment before final approval
7. Ability to use discount coupons and customer credit
8. Payment confirmation via POS and automatic receipt printing
9. Print the receipt automatically after final approval and the possibility of reprinting
 10. Introduction of goods and grouping indefinitely
11. Identify goods through barcodes
12. Insert pre-invoice and convert it to invoice
13. Quick registration of the invoice and the relationship of the marketer or its representative
14. Invoice printing
15. Suspension of one or more factors
16. Assign the type of sale to the invoice
17. Get fast cash and cards
18. Connect to customer loyalty card system
19. Connect to crm software

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