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Web Based Tolue CRM Software



Reduce the cost of marketing , sale and human resources

Increase sales and thereby increase profits

Increase customer satisfaction

Give fast customer service

Retain customers as most important property of organization


General functions of CRM:

Management of Marketing, Sales and  After Sale Service section

Registration of contacts information (natural and legal persons)
The ability to record all communications with customers

The ability to define tasks for next communications along with alarms at the specific times

The ability to send SMS, Email and Fax

The ability to receive SMS, Email and Fax

Calling number identification

The ability to record phone conversations

The ability to connect to VoIP system

The ability to record and display the customer address on Google Map

And tens of capabilities and other features that help you to organize the sale section.

You can select each of the features of the software according to your needs and then buy it.

This system has 6 months warranty and 10 years after sale service.


We will examine some features of this software in following:

The ability to entry contacts information includes:

Contact Code: It is registered automatically and it is editable

Prefix (doctor, engineer, ...)

First and last name

Country, Province, city and region

The photo of the person

Determine various roles for contact

Birth certificate number

National code

Marital Status

Date of birth and marriage

The type of activity including all the economic activities carried out by the person

Psychology of person


Field of study and degree

Email. Fax


Amount of credit

Determine color and icon (Customers classification and finding will be easier)

Foreign languages, along with the level of each

Favorite color


How familiarity

Setting priority

Grouping customers into the branch and n level

Ranking customers

Determine being enable or disable: If a person leaves your organization, you don't need to remove him/her, instead you can disable his/her account. therefore, you can maintain his/her personal information and communications reliable and reportable.

Determine expert or experts concerned with the customer

Importing Companies data contains:

Company Code

Company Name

Company Type

The establishment date of company

The number of employees

Company logo image

Registration all of contact information including phone and fax number , mobile , email , website and address with the ability to determine the company location on google map.

Country, Province, city and region

How familiarity

Type of activity

Ownership status: rental , goodwill , ...


Grouping companies into the branch and n level

Ranking companies manually

Determine color and icon (Find and classify the companies will be more easy)

Setting priority

Determine being enable or disable

Determine expert or experts concerned with the customer

Determine various roles for the companies




Sale Management

Marketing Management

Sales Forecasting




Date of Birth

Date of Marriage

Date of Establishment of Company


Definition of Service

Recording Total of Relationships

Registration Form Management

Sending Fax to one customer or a group of customers

Sending Letter to one customer or a group of customers

Request for Dealership Form

Sending SMS to one customer or a group of customers

Opinion poll Module

Recording and Storing Phone Conversations

Sending Email to one customer or a group of customers


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