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Project Communications Management Software

1. introduction

advantages of this software in your organization:

Decrease costs of project

Speed in project communications

Transfering information between elements of the project in accuracy

All communications of project documentation

2. Define Project

Following fields are define for each project record:

  1. Project code
  2. Project title
  3. Project status
  4. Project type
  5. Building type
  6. Ceiling type
  7. Location of project implementation
  8. Project contact fields included: telephone, fax, ...
  9. Project goals
  10. The amount of credit
  11. The volume of concrete
  12. Progress percent
  13. Ranking manualy
  14. How familiar
  15. Grouping
  16. Start date
  17. Date of the end of project
  18. Delivery date
  19. Number of projects
  20. Project description
  21. Type of products and services required by the project
  22. Services and products offered by the project
  23. Definition of project expert
  24. The definition of project risks
  25. The ability to attach files to a project

3. Define the role of each project

Project specific personnel






Or any other roles that are defined by the user

4. Define persons

Entry project persons specifications included:

  1. User code that is automatically recorded and is editable by the user
  2. Prename
  3. First and last name
  4. Total contact information included: telephone, fax, mobile, email, website, address
  5. Person psychology
  6. Country, Province, city and region
  7. Identification code
  8. National code
  9. Marital status
  10. Date of Birth
  11. Date of Marriage
  12. User photo
  13. Activity type included total economic activities have been carried out by the user
  14. Education course
  15. Academic certificate
  16. Income
  17. Amount of credit
  18. Color and icon set
  19. Foreign languages
  20. Personality favorite color
  21. Person certificate
  22. Personality how familiar
  23. Setting priorities
  24. Grouping persons into a branch and multilevel
  25. Classifying persons in manual ranking format, date of start and end of this ranking
  26. Set being enable or disable
  27. Set experts related to the person
  28. Set various roles for person

5. Define the legal person

Entry legal personality 's characteristics included:

  1. The code that is automatically recorded and is editable by the user
  2. Company name
  3. Company type
  4. Brand
  5. Economic code
  6. Income
  7. Amount of credit
  8. Registration number
  9. Established year
  10. Number of employees
  11. Company logo image
  12. Total contact information included: telephone, fax, mobile, email, website, address
  13. Country, province, city and region
  14. How familiar
  15. Activity type included: total economic activities have been carried out by the company
  16. Ownership status
  17. Certificates
  18. Grouping companies into a branch and multilevel
  19. Classifying persons in manual ranking format
  20. Set color in manual form
  21. Set prioriries
  22. Set being enable or disable
  23. Set experts related to this company
  24. Set various roles for the company

6. Define project communications

All people involved in the organization that access to software should record their relationships

The relationship subject

Record types of communications

Record the relationship time

Record the person that communicates

Record product or service that fits communication

Record the results of each project communications

Record relationship effect

Ability to attach the file association with each project communication

General description of the relationship

Right click on the roles of each project, you will be able to define the relationships of the project.

7. Define the tasks for the project

To define a user's daily task of each project, the following fields will be filled:

1. Task code (is recorded automatically)

2. Task title

3. Type of the task

4. Task status

5. Task priority (High, Medium, Low)

6. Related person (The person who shouli be contacted)

7. Title of the project which this task is related to it

8. Start time (date and time)

9. Reference time (date and time)

10. Maturity time (date and time) that task should be done at that time

11. Reminder time (date and time)

12. The task referencer name

13. The person name the task has referenced to him

14. Percentage of completion

15. Completion time

16. Task result

17. Description

18. Setting color and icon

19. Setting priorities

20. Ability to show tasks in Gannt chart format

8. Alarm on data collected

Characteristics that the software alarms on them and regarding to it you can communicate with factors of project again.

1. When referencing a task to a user

2. When completing task references that is alarmed to the referencer

3. If do not complete a  task reference at maturity date that is given the alarm to the referencer and the person is referenced to him

4. Date of recall the tasks

5. Date of establish the company

6. Date of completion of the contract

7. Maturity date of the installments

8. Maturity date of the cheques

These dates can be informed through software group sending and default text to people and companies

9. Define invoice and preinvoice for the peoject

By defining invoice and preinvoice for each project the amount of the financial transactions will be determined.

preinvoice included:

1. Registering the preinvoice number

2. Registering the date of issued preinvoice

3. Registering the date of the end of preinvoice credibility


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