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Insurance Agents CRM Software

Insurance Agents Web Based Tolue CRM Software

Facilities of policyholders relationship management

1. Define policyholders:

Full information about all of natural and legal policyholders are recorded in this section.

Characteristics of natural policyholders included:

Code (automatically recorded and it is editable by users)

Person's first and last name, Date of birth, National code, photo, Marital Status, Date of marriage, Favorite color, Certificates

Country, Province, city and region

Define color and icon to classify policyholders

Type of activity

Favorite color


Foreign languages

Person how familiar

Setting priorities

Grouping policyholders into the branch and n level

Ranking companies manually

Setting active or inactive policyholder

Specifying relevant expert

Setting different roles for person

Grouping the policyholders to various levels

Characteristics of legal policyholder included:

Code (automatically recorded and it is editable by users)

Company name, Brand, Economic code, Registration number, Established year, Activity type, Ownership status, Certificates,

Company type

The image of Company logo

Contact information

Country, Province, city and region

Company how familiar

Grouping companies

Classifying companies

Setting priorities

Setting active or inactive company

Specifying relevant expert

Setting different roles for company

Ownership status: Leased, goodwill, ...

2. users

Each of policyholders and companies (personnel of companies, marketers, policyholders, suppliers, representations, competitors) can use the different sections of the software with specified access level. A username, password and role is defined for each user.

Two types of access level can be defined in Insurance Agents Web Based Tolue CRM Software:

1. Access to the forms

For each user that he/she has access to forms, how to access to the forms is determined. These accessibilities includes:

Access to enter new record

Access to edit previous records

Access to logical remove

Access to physical remove

Access to the reports

Access to the statistic

Access to determine the relevant expert

Access to sendings

Access to print

Access to deactivate the records

2. Access to the records

In this access level how to access to existence records is determined for companies and policyholders users.

If the access is based on relevant expert, the user has only access to records that he is their relevant expert.

If the access is based on relevant pattern, the user has access to records that he/she and other users in the same pattern are their relevant expert.

3. Insurer companies

Insurer companies information is recorded in this section of the Insurance Agents Web Based Tolue CRM Software. The  fields of this section is similar to the fields of the policyholders section.

4. Competitors

The information of policyholders and companies that are the competitor of the software user is recorded in this section. The  fields of this section is similar to the fields of the policyholders section.

This section's policyholders and companies in addition to competitor role may also have other roles.

5. Recording all of the communications

All of the communications with policyholders, suppliers, representations, and competitors are recorded and reported in the software.

Recording the communication title

Recording the marketer's name

Recording the personality-communicate types

Recording date and time of communication

Recording the commodity concerned to the communication

Recording the communication result

Recording the communication effect

The ability to attach files exchanged in communication

General description about the communication

6. Defining the insurance services

Defining company's services and products

Determine insurance company

The ability to group services and products into multi level

7. Policy

Recording policy number

Validity date

Expiration date

Title of policy

Print format

Relevant marketer

Amount of discount

Financial invoice tax

Insurance services including the type of insurance policy, payment methods, premium base , first insured, Second insured and ...

Rider (rider type, rider date, rider number, …)


Recording payment type

The ability to print the insurance in proper formats

The ability to create different print formats for insurance

8. User daily dashboard

To define a task the following fields are filled:

Code (automatically recorded)

Task title

Task type

Task status

Task priority (high, medium, low)

Determining a person that should be communicate with him/her

Start time (date and time)

Refering time (date and time)

Maturity time (date and time) that the task must be done in that time.

Reminder time (date and time)

The name of the person that the task has referenced from he/she

The name of the person that the task has referenced to him/her

Percentage of completion

Completion date

The result of the task


Determining color and icon (Finding and categorizing the tasks will be done easily)

Determining priority

The ability to present tasks in gannt chart format

9. Setting alarms on collected data

characteristics that the software alarms on them that the user according to them can be reconnect with customer again:

When refering a task to a user

When completing the referral tasks that alarms to reference from person

If a task not complete at the time of maturity, it will be given alarms to reference from and reference to person.

Tasks reminder date

Date of birth

Date of marriage

Date of company establishment

Date of completion the contract

Date of payments maturity

Date of cheques maturity


These dates can be informed to persons and companies through group sendings of the software and default texts.

10. Reports

Insurance Agents Web Based Tolue CRM Software is able to report based on all the input parameters. Types of reports are available and definable in different entities. Users access to the reports in form of data and charts.

Each report has a specific report form which the user can filter its fields and get the requirement report.

Samples of the reports are available on this system:

Reports of insurance companies

Reports of policyholders

Reports of Communications

Reports on insurances

Reports of tasks

Reports of records History

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