Real Estate CRM Software

CRM software for the real estate industry manages client data, tracks interactions and automates workflows. This increases efficiency and organization and enables buying and selling agents to close more deals, faster.

A homebuyer fills out an online form requesting to see a property listed on your website. With a real estate CRM system, this lead might show up in the user dashboard for the corresponding agent, then automatically convert the form data into a contact profile for that buyer. A manager might at the same time be automatically alerted that an agent opened a new lead. The selling agent will then call the prospective buyer to learn more about their interests, timelines, financing situation and other pertinent information. The agent will capture all of these detail, plus the contact information for their buyer's agent, in the CRM system. The date and times for both the phone call and the subsequent email to the buyer’s agent are also recorded.


Next, the agent might set a task to follow up the next day if he hasn't heard from the buyer's agent about arranging a showing. He ends up hearing back within the hour, so he sets a date for the showing and shares the calendar appointment with the property seller, buyer and their agent all at once. Finally, he sets a new task to follow up the next afternoon after the showing to see if they’ve submitted an offer.

In this scenario, management can see immediately where the lead is in the buying process without having to call, email or set a meeting with the agent. They can also see how the team performed that day overall (how many properties were sold, for example, or the number of showings the team conducted).


Benefits of Real Estate CRM

Better client tracking and organization. Realtor CRM systems increase organization by providing a single repository for agents to store leads, client information and documents. The software also automates workflows with task lists, dashboards and alerts. Together, this functionality ensures that agents stay organized, on task and that nothing falls through the cracks. In addition, being able to see at a glance where a particular client is in the buying or selling process helps agents focus their time on the warmest prospects, while others are nurtured with email marketing tools.

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