Service and selling strategies at the time of sale

After-sales service starts from the moment your customer has made their decision to buy, even before you've completed the sale transaction. After-sales service includes service at point of sale, such as:

    thanking customers for their business
    confirming sales or delivery arrangements verbally or by email or letter
    ensuring customers have your contact details and that you have theirs
    adding customers to business mail or email lists
    suggesting related or additional products or services.

Using selling strategies to provide after-sales service can increase the dollar value of your sales. Similarly, the service strategies you use at point-of-sale may well determine whether or not your customer buys from you again.
Using service strategies at point of sale

Providing good customer service at the point of sale starts with thanking your customer for their business. Use the point of sale interaction to make sure your customer feels valued. Establish a rapport and tell them more about your business.
Use the point of sale to provide information

    Clarify any sales or delivery arrangements verbally and offer to phone customers when ordered goods arrive.
    Explain refund policies, especially if your guarantees, warranties and refunds policies offer more than the law requires.
    Give your customers free product samples and related product information and be enthusiastic about their benefits.
    Offer to gather more information on a product or service your customer is interested in. Follow up on your offer.

Go the extra mile

    Help make the purchase easy for your customer by offering gift wrapping or carrying the product to your customer's car.
    Invite your customer to any sales or promotions you are planning and refer them to your online services and updates.
    Offer to add your customer to your contact database, mailing list or customer loyalty program.
    Give your customer your business card and welcome their call or email if they have any questions.

Using selling strategies at point of sale

These selling techniques will help your business make more sales by taking advantage of the moment when a customer has decided to buy. Using selling strategies at this point can increase the value of your sale.

Persuade your customer of the increased benefits they would receive from one of your more profitable products. Ensure your up-selling suggestions meet your customer's needs. Never try to sell your customers something they don't need. They may well lose trust or confidence in you.

Pitch additional products that relate to the product your customer is considering or purchasing (also known as suggestive selling). Develop a list of related products and their features to help your staff cross-sell.
Offer extended warranties

Encouraging your customer to buy an extended warranty is an effective cross-selling technique.

Source: www.business.qld.gov.au

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