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Lottery Management System

Lottery Management System based on Tolue CRM system

Lottery Management System based on Tolue CRM system was designed regarding to principles of CRM and it make possible the organization to go in its communications development path toward the customer club with customers.

Features of software:

1. Receiving the lottery unique code for any product that was sent by the end consumer

2. Registration the sender's mobile number as an user (end consumer)

3. Creation tracking code after controling the code of the product

4. Reply to the user in SMS format and sending a tracking code

5. Assigning a score to user for any purchase regarding to the type of product

6. Doing lottery in specified date and informing to winners

7. Elimination total previous scores for all of users if needed

8. Making end users database

9. Identifying users favorites based on the type of purchase

10. Introducing and marketing other market baskets purposeful

11. Categorizing users based on buying patterns

12. Establish two-way relation between organization and user

13. Assigning some specific codes to a representative or certain sales agent

14. Identifying the sales distribution channel (representative and sale agent)

15. Controling warehouse stock of sale agents

16. Receiving applied reports for better managing of distribution channels

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