Customer Club Management Software


The advantages of customer club management:

Establish bilateral communication

Establish devotional communication with customers

Provide more facilities for introduce the organization or products

The provision of services with rapidity and accuracy in less time

Receive customers complementary information

Establish necessary infrastructures for receiving complaints and suggestions

Opinion poll customers periodic and targeted

Receive customers reaction about the services or products

Measure and evaluate the customers satisfaction

Achieve customer loyalty index and evaluation it

Achieve advocate customers and provide specific services for them.


The system can be used in a variety of organizations:

Customer club specific for banks and banking institutions

Customer club specific for clothing manufacturers

Customer club specific for chain stores

Customer club specific for airline companies and agencies

Customer club specific for tourism companies

Customer club specific for car manufacturers

Customer club specific for hospitals

Customer club specific for insurance companies


Customer club can be connected to the Customer Relationship Management system. Managing information in an integrated system will make it possible for managers to make best decision about customer relationship.


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